Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ventajas Y Desventajas De Butano



* Marital Status: Single
* Nationality: Argentina
* Age: 26
* Birthplace: Adrogué. Buenos Aires


* Skit: (27-11-2004 and 12/02/2004).
"A special day" (Griselda Gambaro). Teatro "Staircase".
Av Juan B. Just 889. Palermo, Cap. Federal.
Coordination: Patricia Gilmour.

* Internships: (From 05-2001 to 06-2002).
Radio Nacional Faro. 87.9. "Today, like yesterday." Monday from 14 to 15: pm.
Function: Driving. Unprofitable.

* Independent Radio Project: Radio Cooperativa, AM 740.
"Listening film" Sundays from 9 to 10 am.
Role: Announcer (Voice commercial). .
Agreement: (From 04/10/2005 to 26/07/2005).

* Presentation of Choreography: (18-12-2005)
Gymnastics Women's Institute, "Lola."
Choreography: Aerobics, Yoga, English dance, Arab Dance
among others.
Lead: Nora Rivas.
"Catholic Circle." Entre Rios 1555. Rafael Calzada.
Function: Presentation (VO).

* Children's Events: Animation and child care.
Children's Room, "Fairy World." Doctor
Melo 3555. Lanús Oeste.

* Children's Events: Animation and child care.
Children's Room: "Comics."
Ministro Brin 3072. Lanús Oeste.

* Radio Program: Porteña Radio, 95.5 FM.
"Morning Buenos Aires."
Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12 pm.
Function: Entertainment Columnist. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
(October 2006 to August 2007)
not profitable.

* Children's Events: Animation and child care.
Children's Room: "Eureka"
Bynnon 2291. Jose Marmol.

* Display, Body Language, "Art and Dance in motion." Teatro General San Martín
: Sarmiento 1551. Cap. Federal.
Coordination: Sandra Reggiani.

* Local: Women's Clothing, TRY ME. Local
, "Gina Mora."
Gallery, "The Delight." Esteban Adrogué 1107.
* Local: women's shoes, PAROULO.
"WICCA" Macias 672, Local 6.
Gallery "La Rochelle". Adrogué.
Monday to Saturday. Part Time
* Radio Program: "The Sunday Show"
AM 1010 Onda Latina.
Sundays from 13 to 17 hours.
Occupation: Co-Driving.


* Primary: (1990-1996) School No. 54. Columbus
3300. Rafael Calzada.

* Secondary: EGB and (1997-2001)
Area: Humanities. Institute Regina Apostolorum. Argentina Republic
1320. Rafael Calzada.

* Tertiary: (2001-2004) Speech.
Handwriting Institute, Cardinal Construction Ferrari (under the ISER). Moreno
1921. Federal Capital.
Title: national broadcaster. Registration No: 7435.

Specialization * Language: English.
AACI (Asociación Argentina de Cultura Inglesa).
Level: Up to Year 4.
444 Meeks Ave. Lomas de Zamora.

Bs * Voiceover Course: (2001) Alal (Association of Broadcasters
Latin America)
Velez Sarfield 2852. Lana West.

* Theater Workshop: (From 09-2002 to 11-2002). Theatre Ensemble.
Larrea 350. Lomas de Zamora. Coordination: Pedro Gomes.

* Theater Workshop: (2003-2004) Teatro Gral. San Martín.
Sarmiento 1551. Capital Federal. Coordination: Patricia Gilmour.

* Theater Workshop Integral: (From 09/08/2005 to 11-2005).
Teatro Gral. San Martín.
Sarmiento 1551. Capital Federal.
Coordinator: Marcela Rodríguez Blanco.

* Technical Operations Workshop radio: (From 15-08 - 2006).
Rojas Cultural Center. Current
2038. Federal Capital. Practice from FM La Tribu 88.7. Lambaré
873. Federal Capital. Lead: William Rossi.

* Body Language Workshop: Creativity in Motion. John D.
Perón 1230. Federal Capital.
Coordination: Sandra Reggiani


* Salsa Course: Beginners and abanzado.
"La Casa Club Latino" Gorriti 339.
Lomas de Zamora.
Coordination: Alex.

* Astroanalysis Race: Psychological Astrology. Marta
Cohen School.
Coordination: Humberto Sabatini / Martha Cohen. CURRENT JOB

* Sales Promotion: Trade Fairs and Exhibitions
Listing: The Rural and Costa Salguero.


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